Luxury Car Brand in India 2013

Mercedes Benz India continues to lead luxury car sales in 2013

1. Mercedes-Benz (Cars Sold – 3,506) {Price Range – $155,000-$1,000,000}

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Mercedes Benz C-Class

Unless BMW manages to sell 500 vehicles by the end of the month, the company with the inverted “peace symbol” as its logo will be the best selling car brand for 2013. The news is surprising, but expected considering that those who can afford high-end luxury cars will buy them regardless of MAS restrictions or high COE costs.

And with around 17% of households in Singapore being millionaire households, it’s not surprising that many high-income car buyers would opt for the popular E-Class instead of say… a Suzuki Swift. Hell, I would!

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz vehicles accounted for 17.2% of all cars sold in Singapore.


2. BMW (Cars Sold – 3,295) {Price Range – $165,000-$500,000+}

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BMW 3-Series

Last year’s winner, BMW, joins its German brother Mercedes-Benz on the list, missing first place by only a few hundred cars. While there aren’t any statistics showing which models sold the most in 2013, it’s a good bet that one of BMW’s most popular models worldwide, the 5-Series ($220,000K-$275,000K), was a trendy choice.

Unlike the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz, BMW’s appeals to upper middle-class individuals wanting the benefits of German-engineered vehicular perfection without having to paying more than $250,000 for it… only in Singapore. 

In 2013, BMW vehicles accounted for about 16.2% of all cars sold in Singapore.

3. Toyota (Includes Lexus) {Cars Sold – 3,037} {Price Range – $118,000-$650,000+}

Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Fortuner in India
Toyota Fortuner

Finally, an ASIAN company on the list! The world’s top-selling car maker, Toyota, (along with its luxury division Lexus) made the top 3 for 2013. Unlike the German manufacturers above, Toyota offers many “economical” models for sale – if you call paying $120,000 for a car “economical”… only in Singapore.

But Toyota isn’t ALL about economy, as the heart attack inducing price tag of the Lexus LS 460 makes clear, at $500,000+.

But with German car makers dominating the luxury car market the same way SingTel dominates…well, pretty much our entire lives, it’s likely that much of Toyota’s sales were made from “economical” car models sold to middle-class buyers – at least those who managed to squeak by the latest MAS regulations anyway.

In 2013, Toyota vehicles accounted for about 14.9% of all cars sold in Singapore.